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BA 501 – Organizational Behavior

BA 501 Organizational Behavior (3) Prerequisite: Graduate standing. Impact that individuals, groups, and structure have on the behavior within organizations. Practical examples. Methods related to problem-solving within organizations.

BA 510 – Business Economics

BA 510 Business Economics (3) Prerequisite: Graduate standing. Emphasis on applicability of economic theory to both the business/internal dynamics of business and the external circumstances under which businesses operate. Course provides necessary knowledge, tools, and understanding of economic discourse as a basis for the study of business as well as a background of the basic […]

BA 512 – Managerial Accounting

BA 512 Managerial Accounting (3) Prerequisite: Two undergraduate accounting courses or BA 513. Builds upon the student’s basic understanding of financial and managerial accounting by exploring in more depth the essential concepts of managerial accounting, including ratio analysis, budgeting and cost measurement.

BA 513 – Financial and Managerial Accounting

BA 513 Financial and Managerial Accounting (3) Prerequisite: Graduate standing. This course is designed for the MIM and MBA prep student who has little or no previous background in accounting. The course consists of two parts: financial accounting and managerial (management) accounting, to include cost accounting and budgeting.

BA 515 – Managerial Finance

BA 515 Managerial Finance (3) Prerequisite: Two undergraduate accounting courses or BA 513. Function of managing business funds, mobilizing cash and credit and planning their use to further the objectives of the firm.

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