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SIU hosts RCDS State Convention

Posted on October 26th, 2015 by SIU Heidelberg

Bild LDVSchiller International University hosted the 2015 State Convention for the Ring of Christian Democratic Students, the largest, oldest and most influential student political organization in Germany, on 23 and 24 of October at its campus in Heidelberg.

Guest speakers were the Vice President of the European Parliament Reiner Wieland MdEP and Dr. Dr. Karl Lamers MdB, member of German Parliament and Vice Chairman of the German Defense Committee of the Bundestag and Michael Reynon, Campus Director of SIU.

Schiller International University was pleased to sponsor the event, in which the RCDS elected a new governing committee and ratified their policy paper on reforms to the way educational funds and services are administered in the German university system. The RCDS supports the idea of a semester ticket valid throughout the State, the further internationalization of study opportunities for German students and reformation to the way BaFög is administered. Over 50 students from all over Baden Württemberg attended the event, representing the future leadership of the Christian Democratic Union and of Germany.

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