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Master Degree in International Relations & Diplomacy

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Master Degree in International Relations & Diplomacy

The Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy is an academic and professional program that prepares students not only for careers in the foreign service, in intergovernmental organizations, or international businesses, but also in nongovernmental watchdogs or NGOs, think tanks and academic research, consultancy, and journalism as well as public and foreign policy. The program combines problem solving, structural analysis, project development and management with a comprehensive theoretical and critical examination of the political, cultural, legal, and socio-economic practices that make up our increasingly interdependent and complex world.

Because the political and economic problems central to foreign relations today invariably transcend national boundaries, the international agenda encompasses technological, religious, ethno‐linguistic, and humanitarian concerns, as well as the more traditional area of diplomatic activity. Drawing from multiple fields including finance, law, history, philosophy, and theology, this program is decidedly interdisciplinary. It is taught by a diverse faculty of distinguished academics and seasoned practitioners who reflect the cross-cutting issues and interests that inform international relations today.

The University’s regular guest lecture series and simulation exercises also add a unique dimension to the program. Delivered and conducted by experienced working diplomats and professionals in international development and business, these complementary curricular support activities enable Schiller International University’s students to break out of the classroom and gain hands-on experience even as they explore internship opportunities or network with potential employers. Finally, the program encompasses study visits to international organizations within immediate reach of each of the University’s campuses to ensure continuous exposure to real-time developments.

Your coursework will cover such areas as:

  • Globalization and economic development
  • International law
  • Comparative foreign policy
  • Intergovernmental and Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Supranational structures and regional federations
  • Human rights and humanitarian law and norms
  • Migration, Asylum, and Citizenship
  • Security, Surveillance, and Information Technologies
  • Area studies

With a teacher-student ratio of 1 to 10, you will develop close, informal relationships with faculty, based on active collaboration. The program requires 36 credits and can be completed in 3 semesters of full-time study.

Starting Dates

Thanks to Schiller’s unique monthly-intake system, you can start your education at any time of the year. You don’t have to wait for traditional semester starting dates. Every month there’s a new start at Schiller.

Academic Calendar

MonthClasses start
January 201611 Jan 2016
February8 Feb 2016
March7 Mar 2016
April11 Apr 2016
May9 May 2016
June6 June 2016
July11 July 2016
August8 Aug 2016
September5 Sept 2016
October4 Oct 2016
November31 Oct 2016
December28 Nov 2016

Graduate Fees

N. of Courses Cost (Euros) Duration
1 course 1 762 € 1 month/3 credits
4 courses 7 048 € 1 academic session/12 credits
10 courses 17 620 € Average academic year
12 course program 21 144 € MA/MBA
15 course program 26 430€ MBA IT / MBA IB

Graduate Fees include cultural activity fee of 40 € and textbook costs of 75 € per month

Living expenses are not included


Required IRD Courses


IR 501 Diplomacy Workshop: Practical and Historical 3
IR 502 Diplomacy Workshop: International Negotiation 3
IR 511 Current issues in IR: Theories 3
IR 512 Current issues in IR: Historical context 3
IR 538 Media Communication Strategies 3
IR 542 International Organizations 3
IR 544 Conflict and Peace Strategies 3
IR 545 International Economic Problems 3
IR 546 International Law 3
IR 567 International Management of Resources 3
IR 571 Human Rights 3
BA 589 Methods of Research and Analysis 3

Total Credits Required:


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