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“Ein Programm – zwei Abschlüsse”

Posted on Juli 28th, 2014 by SIU Heidelberg




Doppel-Degree-Programm erweitert die weltweiten Möglichkeiten für Schiller-Studierende

Schiller Manuel Alonso Paul O'Prey new 320Eine innovative transatlantische akademische Vereinbarung sorgt dafür, dass Studierende von Schiller International University gleichzeitig einen zweiten, eigenständigen europäischen Abschluss, vergeben von der University of Roehampton in London, erwerben können.

Schiller International University (SIU) und die University of Roehampton (UoR) in London haben eine Vereinbarung getroffen, die es Studierenden ermöglicht, neben ihrem Schiller-Diplom einen zweiten, von der Universität Roehampton vergebenen Abschluss zu erwerben.

Ein Studierender von irgendwo aus der Welt bei Schiller International University wird gleichzeitig einen amerikanischen und einen britischen Abschluss, gültig in den 45 Ländern des Bologna-Abkommens, erhalten. Dieses wahrhaft neuartige Arrangement wird das globale Profil der Schiller-Studierenden noch weiter schärfen.

RoehamptonRegardless of the campus of choice: Madrid, Paris, Heidelberg or soon Florida (once it gets final approval), Schiller students will also be enrolled in the University of Roehampton. With a heritage which stretches back 170 years, the University of Roehampton, offers degrees in a wide range of disciplines including business and economics. Set in a scenic, traditional campus overlooking the Royal Richmond Park, Roehampton has a reputation for an excellent student experience, high levels of student employability and cutting edge research-led teaching.
The agreement between Schiller International University and Roehampton goes beyond a student receiving credits during an Erasmus exchange or a study abroad at another university. Over a four year period, (one year for postgraduate programs) undergraduate students will achieve two degrees, one from Schiller International University, and one from The University of Roehampton delivered by Schiller.

Students’ courses will include a number of modules / credits which will count towards both degrees, in addition to a number that are specific to either their Schiller, or their Roehampton qualification, including a Dissertation or Thesis. All teaching and the Dissertation or Thesis will be carried out by Schiller’s academics.

Through this collaboration students at Schiller receive an education that crosses borders and increases their opportunities academically and professionally by giving them access to both American and European markets. In the current job market this will enable graduates to meet the demand for a workforce that is capable of adapting and growing.

Pictures: (1) Manuel Alonso, SIU President, & Paul O’Prey, UoR Vice-Chancellor, (2) University of Roehampton


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