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Department of International Relations & Diplomacy

shutterstock 46134049If you are interested in human rights, the processes and effects of globalization, economic development and the preeminence of free-market economies under the regime of the World Trade Organization; if you are interested in security, migration, or human rights, or simply the business of being an agent of change in the global market place, then our International Relations program in Heidelberg is for you. We offer a substantive and comprehensive undergraduate and graduate curriculum that focuses on developing transferable critical and analytical skills and competencies while delivering a sound foundation in the interdisciplinary fields of political science and international relations.

Drawing from law, history, philosophy, sociology, and cross-border and cultural commerce, the Bachelor and Masters of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy are decidedly interdisciplinary. Distinguished academics and seasoned practitioners of diverse backgrounds reflect the cross-cutting issues and interests that inform international relations today.

At SIU, your learning takes place not only in the classroom. Through our educational activities – including simulation exercises and field trips — you will study international relations not only as a theoretical discipline, but also as a practice that requires the development of nuanced social and inter-cultural skills. Our program thus looks to ensure that our students develop inherently transferable personal and professional competences. This means that graduates, whether pursuing a career in this field or another, will possess skills desirable to any potential employer, namely, those critical thinking and analytical competences and project management skills prerequisite to success in any field.

The Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy is a foundational, results-based course of study designed to prepare graduates for a myriad of professional fields: from diplomacy to business, law or government service, to journalism and public relations. It is also designed to constitute a sound basis for further academic study and research in the social sciences generally. The Masters of Arts is a gateway to opportunities in international relations and business. For any academic questions, feel free to contact the Director of Studies for the IR programs, Dr. Matthew Hartman.

At both the undergraduate and graduate levels, your study will include field trips to relevant intergovernmental organizations in nearby Strasburg, Brussels, the Hague, Genève.

You will benefit from our annual lecture series, designed both to inform and enable our students to establish professional contacts with experts.

Studying International Relations at Schiller International University at Heidelberg also means studying together with students from multiple backgrounds and countries. The diverse student body guarantees hands-on practice in international and intercultural relations from the outset and is a unique feature of our program.

Director of Studies IR program:

Dr. Matthew HARTMAN (Professor)
Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University
B.A., University of California, Berkeley

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