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Department of Business & Economics

shutterstock 47215255The Department of Business & Economics of Schiller International University brings together the disciplines of business and economics to nurture a diverse and supportive learning community.

Our range of courses comprises the core fields of accounting, corporate finance and banking, economic theories, institutions and policies, organization and human resources, marketing, business policy and governance and management science.

The International Business programs instill a solid foundation in international business knowledge and practices. With the rapid globalization of business, companies must expand operations internationally to remain competitive. The success and survival of modern companies are dependent upon highly skilled executives competent in the implementation of management and organizational strategies to answer the complexities of business at the international level.

In times of financial and economic crises, there’s a great reconsideration of economic principles taken for granted over years. The International Economics programs thus question these assumptions and provide thorough training in economic theory and policy. These studies examine economics from the individual and firm level to the national and then international level. There is also an emphasis on maintaining a focus on the impact and role of international economic relations and on keeping and internationally comparative perspective.

Academic Dean:

Dr. Nicolle Macho
Ph.D., University of South Carolina at Columbia, USA
M.A., B.A., State University of New York, Stony Brook, USA
M.B.A., Schiller International University, Strasbourg, France

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