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Das Student Government heißt alle neuen Studierenden an der SIU Heidelberg herzlich willkommen. Wir hoffen, dass ihr eure Zeit hier genießen werden. Außerdem begrüßen wir alle zurückkehrenden Studierenden.

Wir hoffen, dass alle schöne Ferien hatten und sich auf den Start des neuen Semsters freuen. Wir unsererseits freuen uns darauf, mit euch zusammenzuarbeiten und das kommende Semster unvergesslich zu machen.

Wir haben einige Pläne für Veranstaltungen im Semster in Arbeit und haben natürlich immer ein offenes Ohr für Anregungen und Wünsche. Auf gute Zusammenarbeit!

Student Government 2016

Selwyn Ngalongalay (President)
My name is Selwyn Ngalongalay and I am from San Diego, California. I hold the position of the President of Student Government. I look forward to making your experiences at Schiller International University enjoyable. If you have any comments or concerns, feel free to email me or come talk to me.

Joel Tim (Vice President)
Hello, I am Joel Tim, the Vice President of SIU Heidelberg Student Government. I am from Yaounde, Cameroon, and currently doing a bachelors in economics. SIU is a fun place to be and Student Government does much to make it enjoyable. It is a pleasure to be part of the team and to be of service to you. Please feel free to write me if you have any questions or need something.

Chris Ross (Event Coordinator)
I’ve been at Schiller for about a year and a half now, working towards my B.A in IR. After attending Schiller for quite some time now, I understand the events and programs students would like to attend and are most interested in. That is why I am now an event coordinator alongside Devin Rose. As an integral part of the student government committee, we look forward to listening to and addressing student’s needs. If you have any interest in what we do or upcoming events, please feel free to talk to myself or Devin.

Devin Rose (Event Coordinator)

Mikheil Baramidze (Secretary)
My name is Mikheil Baramidze. I come from a small country of Georgia, located in the Eastern Europe. I’m a secretary of the current Student Government. Thus I hope to make a great contribution to the development of the overall atmosphere at Schiller University.

Nora Granberg (Treasurer)

Francisco Pimentel (Public Relations Manager)
My name is Francisco Pimentel. I am from Brooklyn, New York. I have been residing in Germany for 4 years and I have been a student at Schiller since January 2015. I am the public relations manager and I am looking forward to making everyone’s experience at this university, one to remember.

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